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Our Process We Cut Samples

We are dedicated to quality products that serve our customers needs.

01 Problem

Not sure how to relay your vision, no problem! You can send us a

  • text message
  • a scribble
  • something you saw

02 Approach

We take what you send us and computer generate the design.

03 Solution

Our WaterJet machines allow us to cut better than ever. The material is pierced at low pressure, and then automatically switches to high-pressure mode to continue the tool path. The speed of the tool path is also adjusted to avoid splitting and shattering. We specialize in high volume production, mostly of various metals for a multitude of industrial applications.

We service numerous clients with repetitive designs such as mosaic designers/installers as well as simple and detailed/ intricate designs for custom floors, borders and murals. We are committed to design and produce high quality products that are delivered on time.



We can handle precision cutting jobs of any size, from one off parts and prototypes, to high volume production parts in just about any shape imaginable in almost any material. We are capable of cutting through titanium, steel up to 2 inches thick, aluminum and many other metals with ease. The softer the metal, the thicker the material we can cut. Additionally, we can cut natural and engineered stone and other materials up to 7 inches thick.